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Elena Egorova, profile photo, self-portrait, photographer, artist

Elena Egorova, known as LENALYOLIK, working in the photography business as a professional photographer since 2016 - her primary artistic expression, besides design, mixed media and crafts. Based in Tokyo, Japan. With an innovator's mind and a keen eye for details, she has a clear vision, also allowing her to direct.  She translates her vision, moods, and feelings through different photography styles, projects, and experiments in fashion and music photography scenes pushing to connect Japan with the rest of the world around, reflect her world's ever-changing moods, feelings and moments, celebrating one lifetime of individuality, a human being, its wild and passionate nature and beauty, and unity in today's world. Now Elena's got featured bringing her vision of photography mixed with design works into music covers, directing music videos, photography works that appeared in Vogue and The Fader, and contributions with SNKR DUNK, Drop Tokyo, and WGSN right from Japan. ​Story: Elena, a serene, peace-loving, diligent, and inherently eccentric and humble woman, hails from the complex times of the '90s, the Far East of Russia, Khabarovsk city.  Throughout her schooling, she demonstrated her artistic prowess by frequently participating and excelling in creative competitions encompassing drawing, crafts, poetry, and scientific-practical conferences. She also displayed her athletic talent by securing victories in sports competitions, including tennis tournaments and regional track and field relays. Upon completing excellently middle school, she embarked on a new chapter by moving to Japan. Here, under the influence of her stepfather, Elena delved into the world of plastic modelling. In 2010, at the age of 16, winning the JMC Junior Grand Prix prize in 20th JMC competition and later on being featured in Scale World magazines. Elena's first journey into the world of photography commenced at the age of three when she gazed through the lens of a Polaroid and during these school days, as her interest in photography began to take root. As her interest in fashion and photography blossomed more, upon high-school graduating, Elena viewed herself as an experimenter, exploring diverse crafts and trades before honing in on her true calling. In the age of 20’s, after finalizing Japanese language knowledges, she finds extensive knowledge, eagerness, and feeling in multiple sectors of fashion, music, and photography due to her experience working in the modelling business as a freelance model, later on being a model agent while assisting Japan's top still photographer for a few years in Tokyo. Later she gets into capturing the spirit of underground adventures in Tokyo's pop and hip-hop scenes of Japanese and foreign artists.

*For selected genres like fashion, events, live, real estate, food and beverages, artworks of design, video, direction and more, feel free to request a dedicated portfolio via email.
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