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BRATS x Elena Egorova (LENALYOLIK) - 棘 (Toge)
Film direction, art work, photography and design by Elena Egorova [LENALYOLIK], Music Video, September 26th, 2021
“Toge” is released on September 26th, 2021, my favorite song out of KARMA album I had a pleasure to work on. 
To me, it is a story about someone, with whom a karmic relationships had to end. And as a creator, It was a perfect time to work on this piece of work myself, to collaborate with BRATS with perfect time aligned and express my vision of this song.
Photography and direction for Music Video BRATS - Toge (棘) x Elena Egorova [LENALYOLIK]
Art work, design, direction and photography for BRATS - KARMA music album, September 30th, 2020
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