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"Sensuality and Empathy"
"When No One is Looking"
"When No One Is Looking" is a second photograph from the transitional experimental project "Sensuality and Empathy" shot in April of 2022 in collaboration with Kalin, a plant-based artist known as kalinlaw, and my muse in focus.
Love of nature, friendship and our evolving art and experiences aligned us to create the project.
For the first time, the photograph is exclusively showcased at Tokyo Love Hotels #VivaLaLoveHo!,
coming after the first "Waking Up" photograph, released before kalinlaw's "Nightlife" exhibition in October 2022.
You are already what you want to be.
Infinite Being is merged in creative unity.
Find the answers within.
In love for our friendship.
A presentation of "When No One is Looking" framed print  at Tokyo Love Hotels #VivaLaLoveHo! on July 29th 2023
Object 394x509mm, Shiny Gold Print, Framed

"Waking Up"
"Waking Up", photography and direction
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